Father’s Land

Sepp’s Story “My Father’s Land” https://www.adasartappliedauthor.com/

is with the editor. I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve had lots of help! Shout out to Jill Burrell and her motivational spirit. Greg Beuchert, for believing in me more than I believe in myself. Carol Wolfert, who read several bad versions and still told me to keep going. This is not my book, it’s cherished family history that deserved to be told. I’ve been honored to create the NonFiction, based on actual events. Many have been eager to point out every mistake I’ve made on this journey. Thank you, I’ve learned (and hurt) and gotten better with from your doubt. You at least took the time to care. Rejection is a huge part of writing. I simply don’t understand why. So many are too busy, too important, too something. It’s been a huge education in human beings! I say to anyone that has ever dreamed of writing a book, do it! If you need help, ask me! Ask me to read it, I will! Ask me to edit, I’d love to! As for every rejection received, It made me more determined. Write, it’s a beautiful thing! Thank You! to my beautiful niece and Designer Tiara Parker Reeder

http://www.tiaradesignsco.com/ she nailed the cover! I love it. Thank you to Karin Beuchert, Greg’s niece that lives in Vienna. She sent me pictures from the farm in Germany. Including the one on the cover! And.... My daughter Amber Morris is my constant cheer leader! I love you all!

Please check out my Author page. I’m still working on getting it set up but you can hold your copies by leaving me an address https://www.adasartappliedauthor.com/

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