Ada Parker Beuchert

How I Got Here

Greetings to anyone that took the time to click here. There are so many fascinating people in the world. I wish I could meet you all. That would be the best! So, funny story...when my oldest son was a little boy he use to tell me he wanted to be an author. I would pat him on the head and say that’s wonderful son but make sure you have a real job.
‘Shame on me’ right!’ Well karma is a kicker. Now my real job and being an Author are making me pay.
I am a Training Specialist for the IRS. Currently, the  Project Manager overseeing leadership and executive training. I have written a lengthy line of training material, poetry, and short stories, Father's Land is debut novel. 

After attending Weber State University, where I studied continuing education. My Project Management started in a halfway house in SLC.  Utah, In a home of convicted felons and frequent visits to the State Penitentiary, I learned what to fear and what not to fear. Then with two little boy's and their father we went to Japan. My curriculum development experience there, put me on the path that brought me here today. 

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  • Please send me your story, the lighter side, the dark side. Tell the world your story of suffering and surviving s disorder the tries to take your life, yet no one understands. 


Living with Restless legs


 Ada Parker Beuchert

Non-Fiction based on actual events

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